About us

Environmental policy

At Icaro, we care about the environmental, social and economic impact of our work, and we have committed ourselves to a number of modest initiatives that combine to make a big difference:

  • Avoiding work-based private car journeys and taxis, where possible
  • Avoiding business air travel for all trips within Great Britain
  • Investing in telephone and video conferencing facilities
  • Minimising our use of paper and other office consumables, through the use of double-sided printing as a default setting, and encouraging the printing of multiple pages per page
  • Reusing and recycling office consumables, including paper, ink cartridges and batteries
  • Always buying recycled paper and stationery products (where available)
  • An annual donation to Fauna & Flora International (see below)
  • Seeking out sustainable alternatives for events (for example, green conferencing)
  • Ensuring that all sub-contractors and associates are aware of, and abide by, this policy.
  • Ensuring that all our staff are fully aware of this policy.

Fauna & Flora International (www.fauna-flora.org) is a proven conservation innovator that helps to make a lasting impact on global biodiversity. Since 2009, we have given an annual
corporate charitable donation that has amounted to £1,000 per year (which in turn was doubled as part of The Big Give Christmas Challenge (www.thebiggive.org.uk). Icaro Consulting is a FFI Friend Against Extinction.