We provide a range of evaluation services, including formative evaluations (where we work with clients in the initial stages to give instant feedback that will help improve delivery) and summative evaluations (i.e. the classic ‘end of project’ assessment of how things went and what was achieved).

Our evaluations sometimes adopt a mechanistic audit approach (where we assess the achievements versus the initial objectives and goals), whereas at other times they focus on the key lessons from the experience and a softer interpretation of what went well and what could be improved.

Developing an evaluation plan at an early stage will help to identify what is needed, when and why. So, we’ll look at areas such as context, impacts, outputs and inputs, all of which will come together to help us paint the clearest picture possible.

Furthermore, we’re committed to working to a standard of excellence and adopt the Sciencewise-ERC principles of good evaluation in all our projects.

For more information about our evaluation services, please contact us.