National & local infrastructure

National & local infrastructure

Icaro have been part of an independent industry survey. See what the report reveals here...

Here’s the executive summary to whet your appetite:

This independent industry survey, led by Copper Consultancy in partnership with Peter Brett Associates and carried out by Icaro, sought to identify the gaps in our collective understanding about infrastructure. What does infrastructure mean to British people and what are their attitudes towards it? Do they support investment in infrastructure and why? What common ground is there between British people, industry and Government? What would give them confidence and encourage people to support infrastructure?

Britain supports infrastructure investment. In fact, British people want to know how they can get involved in supporting infrastructure in a more direct way and they want to see the benefits.

The survey shows that British people think we should be aspiring for world leading infrastructure or solid improvements. They believe the UK is capable of delivering infrastructure. British people think we have, or used to have, world leading infrastructure delivery skills; they can identify with the country’s infrastructure pedigree.

However, at present, British people feel that infrastructure happens ‘to them’ not ‘for them’. The country does not know about the National Infrastructure Plan. Only six per cent of British people think the UK has a well-coordinated national or local plan. However, the country is reassured to know a plan (national or local) exists. They want to know that technical experts are driving it.

When the benefits of a project are made clear, people sit up, take note and ask for more of the same. British people said they want to be kept informed about infrastructure planning and development and involved in plan-making and delivery of infrastructure projects but do not currently feel able to do so. But there are caveats to this involvement and support.

What do British people want in return for support? In one word – leadership:

1. British people want leadership from industry and policy makers. They trust industry to make the right decisions, but they want to understand what it is doing and why it is doing it.

2. British people want to hear from technical experts and decision makers and are seeking reassurance that infrastructure is part of an integrated plan. The research supports the idea of the National Infrastructure Commission.

3. British people want to discuss major infrastructure needs in their area, both strategic plans and specific projects and they want to be involved in a two-way conversation and to help them understand the benefits. The benefit to UK PLC of opening this discussion is wider public acceptance and reduced risk to projects.

Please also check out our friends over at Copper if you’re interested in this kind of thing.

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